Toyota Hilux - EZDown and Hoodlift

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Full EZDown assisting in controlling the opening of your tailgate. Very easy to fit
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Toyota Hilux/Revo EZDown Tailgate Damper and Hardware kit - 2017 to current Model

The EZDown for the newly launched Toyota Hilux/Revo.

The Safest way to lower a tailgate.

This EZDown kit has twin dampers and Hardware. The EZDown is fitted on both sides of the Tailgate.
So only ONE kit is required to safely lower a tailgate equipped with all the double fitting hardware. No drilling and takes about 15 minutes to install

Q.1 What is a Torsion Bar?

A.1 A Torsion Bar is a length of metal Rod that affixes one side of the tailgate connection. When opening your tailgate the torsion bar is visible in the gap between vehicle bin and tailgate. It may only be fixed to one end of the tailgate. The Rod is suppost to act like a spring and make the tailgate lighter however over time it gets weak and loses this ability.It can also start making a squeaking noise and make the tailgate even heavier. Many customers even opt to remove the Torsion Bar due to this.

Image below showing a Torsion Bar

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