Toyota Hilux REVO - EZDown Reloaded - 2016 - current Model (ASSISTING LOWERING AND LIFTING OF YOUR TAILGATE)

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What is INCLUDED ? You will received the Full EZDown kit as well as the Full Reloaded kit 2 Kits in one package
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*PLEASE NOTE the kit design has been updated and only has one cable. However an additional Cable can be requested if needed

When it comes to raising or lowering your tailgate, we’ve got you covered – in both directions.
From the Developers of the original EZDown we are proud to add a new safety product, EZDown Reloaded,manufactured in South Africa by Industrial Specialised Applications to make your life and loading easier, and the chosen accessory of the top Bakkie/Pickup makers.

We heard your please for a way to lower a tailgate safely and easily and came up with a solution. Now, after extensive research, testing and listening to Automotive Manufacturers about the difficulties of raising heavy tailgates, we came up with another solution: EZDown Reloaded.

No drilling and easy to fit however if you prefer it fitted contact us and we will be glad to assist.

Q.1 What is a Torsion Bar?

A.1 A Torsion Bar is a length of metal Rod that affixes one side of the tailgate connection. When opening your tailgate the torsion bar is visible in the gap between vehicle bin and tailgate. It may only be fixed to one end of the tailgate. The Rod is suppost to act like a spring and make the tailgate lighter however over time it gets weak and loses this ability.It can also start making a squeaking noise and make the tailgate even heavier. Many customers even opt to remove the Torsion Bar due to this.

Image below showing a Torsion Bar

Should you need any further assistance please contact us on 011 4660329 and we will be glad to assist.

More questions can also be found on our website on our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions page.

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