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An Innovation for pickup truck owners who need more space!

Popular with users who frequently have to transport their off-road motorcycles on the truck-bed, we wanted to stop their fuel cans, helmets and other accessories falling off the back of their trucks on their way to the dirt track. By adding BedXtender that fits around the tailgate and is almost the same height as the sides of the load- bin or bed, it provides a barrier to prevent your load from falling off the open tailgate.

Not your regular bed-extender


The problem users face with regular bed-extenders is that the frame is mostly rigid and when not in use they take up unnecessary space inside the truck-bed. The result is that the device is left at home until needed again. Unfortunately as the name suggests a pickup truck is meant to do just that; Pick up things, and the user often finds themselves miles from home and have to pick up a large load that requires a bed-extender and do not have it with them.

How the BedXtender is different


The new innovative BedXtender, overcomes these limitations by utilising a unique design, designed by Rig Your Rig in partnership with Industrial Specalised Applications a clever addition, that allows the BedXtender to "fold" inwards into the truck-bed or outward onto the tailgate.


It means that when not in use, the BedXtender can be tucked behind the closed tailgate taking up virtually no space inside the truck-bed or even better, against the front of the  Bin behind the rear window ensuring that it is always on hand when you need it.


Unlike traditional "one-trick-pony" bed-extenders however, the BedXtender can do so much more than just extend into the tailgate.

Even more features

The BedXtender also features a unique horizontal top bar that is designed to carry a load in order to allow longer objects like tubing, pipes, timber, lumber etc to be secured and safely transported. Even better, this horizontal bar can be height adjusted vertically in 4 positions and can be used as a "reverse-loading" carry rack extending up to the edge of the tailgate. This allows objects that are longer than the total length of the pick-up-bed and tailgate to be transported as raising the top bar and by implication the one end of the load, the amount of overhang off the rear of the vehicle is greatly reduced.


(Please refer to your local legislation regarding the distance and circumstances applicable to extended loads.)



Made Uniquely

The entire BedXtender is manufactured by EZDown Manufacturing and its made from extremely tough, polished stainless steel and tube-end covers made from Acetyl.  Not your Cheap Aluminum and plastic designed extender. The design of the BedXtender and in particular the attachment brackets to the truck-bed allow the load to be equally spread between the Pick-up bed and the tailgate as opposed to just on the tailgate.  Therefore giving you piece of mind of loading capabilities.


(Maximum recommended static load on the BedXtender is 50kg or 100 pounds)


Features & Benefits

·        Polished and anti corrosive steel coated for maximum durability and stunning visual appeal.

·        Unique folding design allows for compact, space-saving storage on the pick-up bed when not in use along with effortless deployment when needed.

·        Quick and simple Bolt-on installation on most pickup trucks.

·        Extends not only the bed of your truck but also provides a carry-rack for longer objects and a surface to secure the load to by rope or strapping.

·        Height adjustable load-bar to help shorten those pesky long objects.

·        Very important it can be adjusted to your storage needs, or adjust it up to accommodate your full load

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