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The safest way to lift a tailgate

When it comes to raising or lowering your tailgate, we’ve got you covered – in both directions.
From the Developers of the original EZDown we are proud to add a new safety product, EZDown Reloaded, manufactured in South Africa by Industrial Specialised Applications to make your life and loading easier, and the chosen accessory of the top Bakkie/Pickup makers.

We heard your pleas for a way to lower a tailgate safely and easily and came up with a solution.
Now, after extensive research, testing and listening to Automotive Manufacturers about the difficulties of raising heavy tailgates, we came up with another solution:    
EZDown Reloaded.

Now you can raise your tailgate in a controlled manner as easily as the original EZDown allowed you to drop it.
Be careful of copies and imitations and don’t settle for anything less than EZDown Reloaded.

EZDown Reloaded making your tailgate
light as a feather...

  • Nissan Navara

  • Renault Alaskan

  • Mercedes X Class

  • Colorado Holden

  • Fiat Full Back

  • Mitsubishi Triton

  • Amarok

  • Volkwagen

  • Toyota

  • Mazda

  • Ford

  • Isuzu

  • Gwm


  • Is perfectly safe for children and adults.

  • Can be set according to your unique needs, with weaker or stronger settings

  • Doesn’t change the vehicle’s integrity by removing the original manufacturer’s quality components, such as hinges

  • Won’t affect your vehicle warranty


  • The tailgate doesn’t have to be removed, so avoiding the possibility of impossible-to-repair misalignment.

  • Can easily be taken out for storage if required.

  • Is a completely closed unit and so is not subject to corrosion.

  • Will not be affected by water, dust and grime.




Installation is quick and easy!

Professional installation is not required and even a 10 year old can install it. 

EZDown tailgate damper installation requires no drilling and can be installed by any bakkie or pickup truck owner within 15min.

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